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Nov 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
officcrs used force to get inside this home east avenne back n marrh.once found guns and suspected cccaine. they arrested the man who lived there but the charges against him were later dropped.accooring to court papers... prosecuttrs learned told a judge the man had beee - seen dealinn drugs urrig a police controlled buy.police aren't commenting publicly....p. 8:51:59(mr. wunder/neighhor) "you always think of the police officer being on your side. so, that's kind off scary actually that they would &pgo and do that..' tells us....if lewellen is &pconvicteddof perjurr... he's automatically fired.right tooay is the funeral... for a in south baltimore.the mother of 24 year ld alonzo gladden for just a ffw houus... beforee- he was murdered. gladdennwas an active member of the navyy.. who had just been promoted..- the fighttfor fuel... after super storm sandy... turns violent..nn ew york... authhrities arrested a driver... for allegedll pointing a un at another cuusommr... who complained he cut him in line. line. a similar story in new jersey... where drivers aae facing major ddlays i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1